Dive Courses

Scuba diving training

At Triton we offer all levels of scuba diver training from junior diver to advanced trimix diver and instructor courses plus all the different diving speciality courses and our instructors are certified with both the CMAS and RAID agencies.   We are proud to have won the top trainers in South Africa for CMAS for thirteen consecutive years.  We have been running a busy CMAS diving internship program which takes you from beginner right up to dive master or instructor trained by Eve and instructors that she has qualified and have stayed on to work.  http://www.tritondiving.co.za/internships 

Visiting instructors are welcome to make use of our facilities which include a classroom and scuba diving training pool.  Our instructors will gladly assist if required. We run courses on a regular basis and will take all the hassle out of organizing your course.

To enrol on a RAID DIVER course with us and access your online training digital manuals, simply follow these steps

1  Click here RAID | Learn to Scuba Dive RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! (diveraid.com) and create your online profile, 

2  Complete the online medical liability and releases.

3  Add your profile picture.

4  Choose Triton Diving as your dive centre - Once deposits have been paid your online theory will upload to start your studies **Do not buy any material online**

Discover Scuba Resort Course - min age 10 years - duration 1 to 2 days

If you are unsure if diving is for you or you don't have time to do the full course then this is the perfect taster for you.

The course costs R1350.00 and includes theory, pool training, full gear hire and an ocean dive with the instructor.

Further dives under supervision cost R785 including gear hire and instruction fees.

Try Dive  - min age 8 years - pool only 1-2 hours - Cost R750.00

Not too sure if you want to head to the ocean yet but want to try it out in the safety of a pool?

Practicing your superpower of breathing underwater can be a game changer and quite often try dives are converted into a discover scuba or a full course (minimum 12 years to go to the ocean).  Get comfortable with the idea under the supervision of our instructors. 

Refresher Course - R495.00

If you have not dived for 6 months then you should do a refresher to familiarize yourself with dive gear, skills and boat procedures.  Gear hire is included in the price.

CMAS One Star Sport Diver Course - R4950.00, 5 nights

Includes 5 nights accommodation, gear hire, course materials, registration and 5 ocean dives to qualify.  Once qualified you can dive anywhere worldwide to a depth of 20m/66ft. 

Self Study - R4750.00, 4 nights

Self study the theory and answer the tests, our instructor will evaluate your learning and go through Physics, Physiology and Dive Planning with you.  After your confined water training you can go straight to the ocean and do not spend days in the classroom

Includes 4 nights accommodation, gear hire, course materials, registration and 5 ocean dives to qualify.  Once qualified you can dive anywhere worldwide to a depth of 20m/66ft. 

excluding accommodation R4450.00


CMAS 2 star advanced Sport Diver Course - R3850, minimum age 15, must have logged 20 dives to qualify

This course allows you to qualify to dive to a depth of 30 metres.  There are two mandatory dives: Deep and Navigation. You can discuss with your instructor which three additional Adventure dives to choose from.

This course includes 3 nights accommodation, 5 dives and certification - the course excludes gear hire.


CMAS Basic Nitrox Course - R2890, minimum age 15, must have logged 25 dives.

This is a fantastic course to do with the 2 star course because you can literally double your bottom time at depths between 20 and 30 metres by diving with nitrox.

This course includes 2 nights accommodation, 2 nitrox dives, course materials and certification- the course excludes gear hire.

CMAS Rescue Diver - R3950.00 plus Oxygen Administrator R850.00

Are you ready for this?

Becoming a CMAS rescue diver is a step closer towards leadership diving, this course will change your whole attitude and change the way you dive.

Learn to spot a problem before it happens.  Our course covers everything from shark bites and gunshot wounds to lung barotrauma and dcs.  Basic first aid, handling any diving accident and working as a team, be prepared to get physically fitter as our instructors push you to your limits.

This course includes 5 nights accommodation, 2 ocean dives, course materials and certification.

CMAS Three Star Master Diver - R8700.00, minimum age 16 years, number of logged dives minimum 40, 20 of which at 20 metres or deeper, rescue qualified.

This is the highest theoretical training level in your path towards leadership diving and involves a serious amount of commitment and studying.  There are 13 modules to cover and you must have logged a certain number of types of dive to qualify.  Be prepared for daily lectures and exams and tough practicals.

This course includes 16 nights accommodation, 7 ocean dives, course materials and certification.

CMAS Dive Master - R6100.00, minimum age 16 years, number of logged dives 60, Must hold a 3 star Master diver qualification

After completing the three star course you are ready to enroll on the CMAS divemaster course.  Welcome to leadership diving.  With this course comes responsibility.  Learn to be an assistant to the instructor with confined water training and spend a long day polishing your scuba a demonstrative skills.  Learn to pre-empt a possible problem before you get to the ocean by understanding psychological disorders and how they manifest.  Learn to navigate the reef and give an in-depth interpretation of the dive sites and above all learn to lead dives with safety as paramount.

This course includes 5 nights accommodation, 5 ocean dives, training materials and certification.

CMAS Two Star Instructor Course - Prices on request

Instructor trainers Eve Marshall, Andre Willemse and Ian Buchanan will be your instructors on this intense course.

CMAS courses are structured as such that by the time you get to this level you should have an in depth knowledge of diving and the theory behind it.  You will spend your time in the classroom and by the pool learning how to get your knowledge across to your students, preparing and giving your own lectures to the class.  Be prepared for long days, hard work, constructive criticism and learning to laugh at your own weaknesses.  

Speciality courses include Digital Underwater Photographer, Compressor Operator, Disabled Diving and Marine Science Courses. 

Tech Diving Courses include Advanced Nitrox, Normoxic Trimix and Advanced Trimix Courses.

RAID DIVE COURSES - All RAID courses include On-Line training and digital manuals.

RAID Open Water 20 Course - R4950.00, 4-5 nights  

Complete the on-line theory from the comfort of your own home prior to starting your confined water training.  Includes accommodation, gear hire, digital manual, registration and 4 ocean dives to qualify.  Once qualified you can dive anywhere worldwide to a depth of 20m/66ft.

excl accomm R4450.00

RAID Advanced Explorer 30 - R3960.00, minimum age 10 years (Junior), must have open water certification plus 6 logged dives. - 3 days.

Gain new experience and confidence with a supervised experience which allows you to dive to a depth of up to 30m.  There are two mandatory dives: Deep and Navigation. You can discuss with your instructor which three additional Adventure dives to choose from.

includes:  5 adventure dives with an instructor, 3 nights accommodation, advanced diver digital manual and certification.

Excludes:  gear hire

Excluding accommodation - R3360.00 

** note Junior qualification depths are limited until diver turns 15 years old.

RAID Advanced 35 - R4860.00 -  4-5 days, minimum age 15 years.

This course qualifies you to 35 metres and includes pool sessions and training in buoyancy, navigation and compass work as well as rescue skills.  6 ocean dives in buoyancy, navigation, rescue, 2 deep dives and an elective dive (ie underwater naturalist)

Includes:  6 Ocean dives, pool training, 5 nights accommodation, digital material and certification.

Excludes:  Gear Hire

Excluding Accommodation - R3860.00

RAID Deep 40 - R4440.00 - 4 days, minimum 15 years

Recreational Deep diving opens the doors to many new and exciting dive sites.  Student divers will develop techniques in deep diving to 40m without disturbing delicate marine life.

Includes:  4 dives, 4 nights accommdation, deep diver digital manual and certification.

Excluding accommodation - R3640.00 



Please email or call us for more information on courses.